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Marketing maven Greg Stuart, a 30-year veteran of the advertising industry, current Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Assoc. and former CEO of the Internet Advertising Bureau, the two leading associations for the digital advertising and marketing industry. He is a recognized thought leader in the digital media and advertising and was selected by Ad Age as one of “10 Who Made Their Mark” in 2006 alongside Chad Hurley and Jay Z. Greg has co-authored with Rex Briggs a groundbreaking book titled “What Sticks – Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds.” What Sticks became the new bible of the advertising and marketing industry, the book presented startling insights garnered from research against $1 billion in advertising spending from the largest global research project on advertising spending ever undertaken. Conducted with 30 Fortune 200 companies including J&J. Procter and Gamble, Kraft, Ford, and many more, it analyzes the sales or attitude change of 1.1 million consumers and includes a foreword by Steven Levitt. In his highly motivational presentation, Mr. Stuart, who also is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, dares to pose the question most marketers dread: “What if We Were Wrong?” He and his co-authors’ research reveals that over $112 billion of U.S. advertising spending is wasted and 47% of campaigns analyzed were dead on arrival It begs the question for any marketer, CEO or CFO, how do you know that your advertising doesn’t fall prey to this calamity? Is the current ‘spray and pray’ approach of most advertising really yielding optimal results? Do we as marketers really know what we’re doing? Armed with the most comprehensive data-driven analysis of marketing to date, Mr. Stuart argues dramatically for the need for drastic change in the industry. In a rapidly evolving market place - Internet, ITV, Wireless and more - Mr. Stuart proves marketing is lagging behind and that it is in no way prepared for the future. What Sticks has been a top five book on Amazon in the advertising section since its launch and has even reached #13 overall for a day. Ad Age said, “The book… may well be the most important advertising research since the "How Advertising Works" study of the early 1990s.” And 800 CEOReads ranked What Sticks at #1 in its first month out. In 2006 Ad Age named Mr. Stuart inspires and motivates marketers offering some simple practical guidelines that will result in major changes in their campaigns without spending a dime more on their advertising. Using examples of campaigns from a number of the 30 top companies analyzed in the

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