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Mobile Advertising: Supercharge...


Forward by Greg Stuart from Mobile Advertising:  Supercharge Your Brand  

Reprinted with Permission in Adweek Magazine 

“How do we not make the same mistakes the Internet guys made” is the most common question I get from each of the “newer” media channels, whether it be digital out-of-home media, IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) or mobile. 

Looking back at my experience as the CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau during the initial growth of the industry from $6B to $17B in online ad spending between 2001 and 2006, it’s clear that success was not easily won. That’s hindsight, of course, for the online ad spending, but it’s opportunity for mobile advertising! No one wants to make the same mistakes and everyone wants to get there quicker. 

There are a number of perspectives I gathered from that experience that I’d offer as relevant this time around. (more…)


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