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Hermawan: Greg, I met you at your Public Seminar in Jakarta organized by Detik.com, Kompas.com and KapanLagi.com at Pacific Place. I was speaking before your session. Why did they bring you all the way from New York City?

Greg: Hermawan, yes I enjoyed our discussion and getting the chance to meet. I’d heard a lot about you. My reason for being in Jakarta was the major portals there, Detik, Kompass and Kapanlagi all believed that marketers in Indonesia were not using the online advertising medium to the degree they should.  Abdul Rahman, President Director at Detik saw a presentation I’d given in New York late last year and he thought that information would be beneficial to marketers here.

Hermawan: In Jakarta you convinced everyone that all marketers must change the paradigm. What are the fundamental reasons behind your strong statement? (more…)

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