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More Complicated Than Ever

The Industry Group Perspective

Reprinted from KPMG Thought Leadership Publication 4/10 

Full Advisory Document here – KPMG Networked Advertising PDF

Greg Stuart has insights that stem from a diverse advertising career that includes five years as CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) — an industry group of more than 400 leading media and technology companies that sell nearly 90% of online advertising in the United States — and co-authoring the book What Sticks (Kaplan Business Books, 2006) a research-based look at what makes advertising effective.

“As the digital advertising ecosystem evolves at a furious pace, its myriad technical complications, options, and opportunities seem almost overwhelming,” Greg Stuart says. “The relationships between agencies, media buyers, ad networks, exchanges, data providers, verification services, measurement companies, publishers, and content owners have become complexly interwoven, obscuring participants’ roles, true value, data ownership, and consumer access. If—as an industry joke goes—‘advertising was a business created for C students,’ that isn’t the case any longer.” (more…)

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